Welcome to Alden Wellness!

My love for Pilates started at Club Pilates San Diego in 2013. I enrolled in Club Pilates’s 500-hour Teacher Training Program in April 2015. In February 2016, I had Acute Ischemic Colitis. Even though it was a one-time incident, it has changed how my body can digest foods; I now have IBS-like symptoms. I quickly discovered the low-FODMAP diet and I felt better the next day. I know everyone reacts differently to the diet, but I am not kidding when I say I felt a 100% difference over night. Every time I make a mistake with my diet, I can feel my body having a difficult time processing it. I keep my fingers crossed that my body will be able to heal in time and I can go back to a normal diet. While there are many many benefits to my low-FODMAP diet, it can still be very frustrating not being able to eat without worrying about every ingredient in each dish. I have learned so much from this experience about nutrition, exercise, digestion and overall health that I wanted to share my knowledge with others.

Amber Alden